Vocabulary -Russian salad-KOKOLIKOKO-

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Writing mr bixby

Dear annete,

I must tell you what i had lived in this month. It is very strange.  I was in love with mi boss, we were having a good and crazy love story. But then it wasnt so like that. Once he gave me a mink coat, but because of that mink coat we broke up.

First i must tell you that this boss was married, and was cheating with me at his wife. But in like a mo vie  also his wife was cheating with him with another people, it was a very uncomfortable and embarrasing situation.

That coat was a gift for mr bixbys  wife  of his cheater. Then she put it into the  pawnshop and gave the ticket accidentaly. He found that and give it to me now he broke with me and his also wife broke with her boy friend. So by having 3 precious relationships now we have 0.

In conclussion that is the story, he ask me for the coat and i gave him so he could gave to his wife. But also he put a necklace in the pawnshop  that was a gift from me. It is a very bad story and i am very sad, i am thinking, can i go to your house in new york in Friday and stay a week?


Your fathefully,


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History project- Babe Ruth-

This is my presetation about babe ruth, we are making a project about characters in the roaring 20´s (1920).


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This is a ScrapBook we made in Writing & Oral

We must post it in the blog


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News Report They gave her a rise


Yesterday night a factory explode near london, there are a lot lf injured people, what we can say is that this factory explode because the quantity of gas they used.  We cant realize what was the failure but police and other services are working in the machine room


Other people say there was an atempt from lukaku the crazy, which all days he said he would kill everyone. There are 24 people dead and 156 injured badly, then the people of cleaning (39) are injured because they werent near the zone of explotion.

We cant realize what was the failure but police and other services are working in the machine room.

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Transactional Letter

Dear Sir,

I feel I must complain about the Spanish Course I took. Firstly I must admit we had good teachers, people for a spanish speaker country were it was easier to learn. But then when I pay your very expensive  instolment, you promise me a very good learning with a great future, and you say that  to start having a great future we must had experience so that then we can be better at the language. But of course that debate never appear.
Then you promise me a very low price or chippest books so that we can afford them but they werent. Of course I will learn more watching tvwith subtitles in spanish than with your course.
I hope that I will not be forced to take further action. Im very ungry but I expect not to give you more problems if you show me a change.
 Yours faithfully,
                        Pepo Roldan.
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This is a quizlet I made with tomas anania about vocabulary. Here you can play games and learn about this vocabulary of the book.



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How to write a short story

http://www.slideshare.net/peporol123/writing-narrative-stories?utm_source=ss&uts m_medium=upload&utm_campaign=quick-view  This is a slide share telling us how to make a short story. This was made in class.

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How to write a news report


This is a Slide Share made in writing class teaching us how to write a news report.

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Nuestra profesora de Lengua Carolina Silva nos propuso como trabajo reescribir el resumen acerca de la Nanotecnologia. En este caso trabajaré con mi compañero Tomas Anania.


Este es el verdadero significado de la palabra NANOTECNOLOGIA.

Hay una gran fascinacion sobre seguir investigando a esta tecnologia, las moleculas, las celulas, etc.

Hablando sobre su historia arranca asi,en la década del cincuenta, Watson y Crick propusieron que el ADN era la molécula principal que jugaba un papel clave en regulación de todos los procesos del organismo,desde entonces se empezaron a tomar en cuenta las moleculas entre otras.

La nanotecnología, palabra compuesta por el prefijo griego “nano” que significa mil millonésima parte, es el estudio, diseño y creación de materia a la escala del nanómetro.

La nanotecnología puede ser aplicada en el agua, en los invernaderos, en la energía solar, y a la agricultura basicamente en todo!

Por otro lado, la nanotecnología podría crear una revolución industrial debido a que sus descubrimientos y desarrollo son muy importantes. Tendría un impacto enorme en nuestras vidas, en las economías, los países y en la sociedad.

El proceso mas cuestionado es la producción de nanorobots, se dice que podría haber una autoreproducción rápida de ellos, esto es lo que se espera de la nanotecnologia, una de las mas nuevas y modernas .

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